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Ralph Ellis

‘Last of the Pharaohs

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ISBN - 978-0953191314      


The Bible – a story of pharaohs of Egypt
The Exodus – the story of a civil war in Egypt.
Moses – the flight of a pharaoh of Egypt.
Jesus – a pharaoh in exile.
Saul – his true identity discovered.

The church of Jesus – where it resides today. Jesus - Last of the Pharaohs is a new and fantastic adventure through the Biblical texts, with dramatic re-interpretations of the old creed at every twist and turn in the story. Yet despite the unbelievable nature of some of these claims, the fact is that all of the arguments in this book are fully supported by the established Biblical and historical texts. Theologians and historians cannot argue with the underlying thesis in this book: It is written in black and white, they can only dispute the radical interpretation being placed upon those texts.



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