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      Thoth icon   Entrance to the Magical Qabalah
Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips
    In this significant work, Denning and Phillips set forth the essential traditions and teachings of the treasury of mystical and arcane learning.
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      Thoth icon   Halloween
The Quintessential British Guide to Treats & Frights
Mark Doody & Krisoffer Hughes
The first Halloween book with an entirely British flavour, providing an in depth look at the ancient roots of Halloween and its traditions, to the modern practice and the influence of the United States on this colourful, scare-filled festival.
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    £14.99   £11.99

      Thoth icon   The Visionary Human
Nevill Drury
    Explores the challenge of visionary consciousness and associated paranormal evidence.
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      Thoth icon   Faversham's Dream
Anthony Duncan
    A startling novel powerfully displaying dynamics of sin and redemption, working across time.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Tao of Christ
Anthony Duncan
    A Christian's Reading of the Daodejing by Laozi

    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Aromatherapy for Women and Children
Jane Dye
    Aromatherapy can have profound influence on the mental, emotional and physical levels....
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Jesus
Ralph Ellis
    Last of the Pharaohs
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Thoth
Ralph Ellis
    Monuments can be seen to be maps of our Earth, maps that date from the Neolithic age.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Clearing Away Clouds
Stephen Fabian
    9 Lessons for Life from the Martial Arts
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Sir George Trevelyan and the New Spiritual Awakening
Frances Farrer
    The first biography of Sir George Trevelyan, father of the twentieth-century movement for spiritual regeneration in Britain.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Creating Abundance
Andrew Ferguson
    How to Bring Wealth and Fulfilment Into Your Life
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Story of Dion Fortune
Charles Fielding and Carr Collins

Readers may find themselves led into an experience of initiation as envisaged by this fearless and dedicated woman.

    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Aja's Dragon
Diane Fisher
    Contact us for details

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    £ contact us  

      Thoth icon   The War on Pain
Scott Fishman with Lisa Berger
    Turning the Tide on Suffering
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Aspects of Occultism
Dion Fortune
    Nine different aspects of occultism are illuminated by Fortune's wisdom and insight.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Arthurian Formula
Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight
    Last major work of Dion Fortune and formed the corner stone of the inner work of her Society of the Inner Light for the following twenty years.
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Now £13.45

      Thoth icon   The Book of the Dead
Dion Fortune
    Clear, concise, illuminating guide that explains the stages in the natural process of dying.
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      Thoth icon   The Circuit of Force
Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight
    Dion Fortune describes techniques for raising the personal magnetic forces within the human aura and their control and direction in magic and in life.
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    Now only £13.45  

      Thoth icon   Esoteric Orders and their Works and the Training and Work of an Initiate
Dion Fortune
    Examines how occultists have jealously restricted admission to their secret societies and schools and shrouded their practices in mystery.
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