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      Thoth icon   Priestess
Alan Richardson
    The Life and Magic of Dion Fortune
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Magical Kabbalah
Alan Richardson
    Never out of print in 30 years Magical Kabbalah is regarded by some as the clearest, simplest and most effective book on the topic ever written.
    Thoth Printed Price   Thoth e-book Price    
    £10.95   £8.76

      Thoth icon   The Druidic Order of the Pendragon
Colin Robertson
    Reveals the rituals and secrets of a Druid order active in Derbyshire from the mid-nineteenth century until the 1940s.
    Thoth Price        

      Thoth icon   The Five Feel Good Factors
Jan Sadler
    The key to true happiness
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Sophia
Susanne Schaup
    Aspects of the Divine Feminine, Past and Present
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Brother of Jesus
Hershel Shanks & Ben Witherington III
    The Dramatic Story & Meaning of the First Archeological Link to Jesus & His Family
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Baqca
Alan Breck Stewart
    The Golden Wyvern, Book One
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Living World of Faery
R.J. Stewart
    From Britain's leading expert on faery lore and magic, this book explores the living power of the Faery tradition for the 21st Century.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Magical Tales
R.J. Stewart
    The Story-Telling Tradition
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Living Magical Arts
R.J. Stewart
    A new and clear approach to the philosophy and practice of magic for the 21st century.
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Advanced Magical Arts
R.J. Stewart
    Visualisation, Meditation and Ritual in the Western Mystery Tradition
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   A Slice of Life
Lee Sturgeon-Day
    A Personal Story of Healing through Cancer
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Cycles of Time
John Tatler
    Rational Explanation for Astrology and Numerology
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Glimpses Beyond
Various Authors
    Spontaneous Experience of the Numinous
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Inner Journeys
Dr. Gary M. Vasey
    Explorations of the Soul
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   The Mystical Marriage
Geiliard Wehr
    Symbol and Meaning of the Human Experience
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Robin Hood
Steve Wilson
    The Spirit of the Forest
    Thoth Price      

      Thoth icon   Geneset Target Earth (Hardcover)
David Wood and Ian Campbell
    This book confirms and proves the unbelievable claims of 'GENISIS – The First Book of Revelations'.
    Thoth Price      

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