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      How to Develop Clairvoyance
W.E Butler

Guide to Supernormal Sense Perception

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ISBN - 978-1-870450-46-1      


Clairvoyance simply means 'clear seeing'. In other words, the ability to see things beyond the normal range of our physical sight. It is usually thought of as a gift, granted only to seers, prophets and fortune-tellers. Not so. Clairvoyance can be developed – by anyone. The scrying glass, the crystal ball, the sand disc may seem to belong firmly in the land of fairy tale but the incredible truth is that, with proper preparation and discipline, they can become reliable tools for bringing psychic perceptions through the subconscious mind into waking consciousness. This book, by an eminent writer on the esoteric, gives detailed instructions for developing the power of clear seeing. The power is there. It can be tapped – by you.



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